From Ramin Semsar:

London, England

Dear Dental Practice Owner,

You know it as much as I do: Having happy patients who refer you to their friends is the ultimate compliment for the growth of any dental practice.

It often takes decades to build a great reputation but can take minutes or even seconds to ruin it completely.

Thousands of £££ spent on marketing is not going to magically grow your practice or increase the FREE referrals your practice could receive because you chose to be ‘different’.

And still, there is this small minority of dental clinics…

  • Whose dental work is high-quality
  • Their customer acquisition effortless
  • Their operating standards impeccable.

And their Patients?

  • They admire them.
  • Love them.
  • Rave about them. (Not only on Google Reviews.)
But in private as well:

They tell their friends and family about their experience – no they ‘insist’ that their friends see YOU to experience your incredible service, care and treatment.

This minority of practices have a few fundamental things in common that mediocre dental practices overlook, and therefore struggle with consistent, predictable and profitable growth.

So, if you are looking to…

Grow your dental brand without spending a penny more on marketing
Turn your practice into the most raved about dental practice in your town and city
Leave your competitors so far behind that they have no idea how to catch up
Stop relying on expensive high cost cold-leads

…with your Dental Practice…

I have great news for you:

What I’m about to share with you will change the trajectory of your dental practice. Starting Today.

And soon you’ll be part of the small minority who share the same little secrets and 5-star hospitality training insider info, all of which are based on 3 very simple, yet so difficult words:

Exceptional Customer Service

I know what you’re thinking: It cannot be the “secret” of the big guys in the industry.

And it’s certainly not the secret you expected, but let me tell you:

It is and will always be the key to running an incredibly successful dental practice…

‘till the point where you don’t even have to worry about any other marketing effort EVER.

No different to the five-star hotels I trained around the world, this fiercely competitive market relied on you returning because we made you (as a guest) feel special. We made you feel so special – that you would insist on broadcasting your happiness globally via social media.

You will get LOTS OF new business from existing patients without having to ask them for it!!!

But most dental practices just don’t know how they would do that. They are doing a good job, but most teams have no roadmap on how to accelerate growth by changing the patient experience.

Exceptional customer service just doesn’t seem predictable and more of a “I-hope-my-job-is-good-enough-so-they-refer-me-to-their-friends -kinda-approach”

Most patients already think you are good at Dentistry. They wouldn’t come to you if they didn’t.

They are already expecting good quality dentistry, what they aren’t expecting is how I will teach you to ‘wow’ them using the five-star hotel techniques I taught to the leading hotels around the world.

Let me explain:

Studies show that 51% of UK consumers trust recommendations from friends or partners more than any other brand advertising.

If you create a culture where everybody is treated like a celebrity, you might find word spreads just as fast.

But how? ‘Our practice is busy, we don’t have the manpower’… no different to hotels then… but I found a way to make it work without it causing strain on your business.

And working in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years, overseeing arrivals of VIP’s & Celebrities such as President Obama & Michelle Obama, Neymar or Jessie J, taught me exactly that:12

How to skyrocket sales by focusing on nothing BUT doing what no one else was willing to do – creating WOW customer service moments for our guests / patients!

Phenomenal customer service is the lowest cost way to grow a happy business.

It’s a simple equation:

Happy patients = Less complaints = Happy team

Have you ever wondered how the leading 5-star hotels around the world are able to get their teams to consistently over-deliver?

Every customer, whether it’s in a hotel or at the dentist wants to feel special, yet, most guests end up leaving the location with the feeling of indifference.

Like most businesses in the UK, we either receive what we were expecting or less.

Believe it or not, this is a gift to your practice, because by doing a little more than the average business, you stand out like a SHINING STAR!

I decided to change UK customer service in the dental practice industry forever.

Who are you & Why should I trust you?

smiley face emoji thumb1 my name is Ramin, Lead Hospitality Customer Service trainer at Clinics. I specialise on growth for the dental industry utilising the power of Word of Mouth and Referrals only.

My superpower is that I am not a dental coach, I won’t teach you what you already know or have heard.

My training is ENTIRELY different as I bring my experiences, stories and practical training from the five-star hospitality industry.

Born in London, My career started as a receptionist in Hyatt Regency London The Churchill, a 5-star luxury property.

Within six months I was promoted to departmental trainer and then further promoted to guest relations overseeing arrivals of regular guests, VIP’s & Celebrities

(I even had the privilege to serve Secretary of State John Kerry and Princess of Saudi Arabia to name just a few!).

My flair for delivering the highest-level guest experiences allowed me to make a natural transition as a trainer.

Because that’s all that matters. Guests that feel like stars. There is no business without them.

And when Shaz Memon had his own team at Digimax trained by me, and then went on to win many customer service awards for his own business…

he decided to approach me with an offer.

The offer was to train dental practices….

I politely declined.

I had a lot of respect for Shaz, he had achieved so much and was just different in his approach to everything.

I declined, because my career was on a high. I was in demand and I loved training…

However, Covid hit and just like that overnight the hospitality industry shut down. I had an uncertain future for the first time in 20 years.

You already know what the answer was, Because Here I am…

I have seen how patients are being treated in dental clinics without principals having any idea. It’s not malicious, but it just comes down to inadequate team training and buy-in.

After training Shaz’s team for a day he told me ‘Ramin, one or two things you delivered to the team today is something I have mentioned to them before.

But, they didn’t register the information from me like they did with you. They acted like they heard it for the first time when you said it… and were super impressed.

Why is that???’

I replied ‘Shaz, that is the beauty in getting an expert with real credentials into your business. They see you every day, they are already used to your voice and your commands…

But it’s different when you have an authority with in-depth training telling them what to do…

…sorry, but it’ll always land better than your in-house training’.

Once I got to understand the dental industry, I realised that patient experiences overall are pretty weak, so I decided to put an end to this…

…I took my experience from training nearly a thousand 5-Star Luxury Hotels,

…and started training the dental clinic another friend of mine was running focusing on: How to Achieve the Highest Customer Satisfaction possible.

As a matter of fact, when I started applying these secrets to the dental industry, I never thought it would have such an incredible effect on the reputation of a dental clinic!

But come to know, dental guests value ‘Unexpected’ Exceptional Customer Service more than anything else!

Since starting this venture a couple of years ago I helped countless…

Dental Clinics grow their reputation and referral base, and so far I’ve seen an Average Increase in Word of Mouth of over 700% in just a matter of weeks!

Typical Dental Clinic vs Our Clients

700% Growth in Word of Mouth

Imagine what effect even 100% referral growth let alone 700% could have on your dental clinic!

What I quickly realised is that the majority of practices are built on the foundation of solely relying on word of mouth (not counting cold paid marketing).

And yet, most people think starting to pump £££ into marketing will solve their patient acquisition goals.

And if you are part of the vast of majority of dental practices (99% to be exact), you already know word of mouth is the most powerful way your practice has grown…

…what if I could show you how to put that growth on steroids?

Typical Dental Clinic vs Our Clients

400% Revenue Increase in 12 months

My Dental Clients AVERAGE a Revenue-Increase of 400% within the first 12 months!

Because the secrets I took from the hospitality industry are exceptionally powerful…

…Giving any dental practice the edge over their competitors!

(Let’s be real for a second here: After teaching my strategies to dozens of dental clinics, we noticed: Customer Service (especially) in the UK is quite DIRE, that is why it is VERY easy for your practice to stand out! And I want to show you how to do that: Become the 1% of dental practices, guests are raving about in private!)

And the best thing about this: You don’t have to rely on any outbound marketing, running expensive marketing campaigns and throwing away £000’s in trial-and-error marketing!

In order to achieve results like the ones you saw above, I carefully crafted a step-by-step roadmap, interviewed my most successful clients and put together the world’s first…

Customer Service Clinic – 1 DAY Visiting Workshop

Specifically designed to make your dental practice grow sustainably!

In this workshop I’m letting you in on secrets, strategies and frameworks the hospitality industry likes to keep for themselves and does not want to share with anyone outside of their circle.

If they would know that their little secrets are spread and taught to other people outside of their business, they would probably curse me out and hunt me down…!

That’s exactly why only a handful of companies worldwide know how to implement and execute them. And they are the ones that succeed!

But I’m here for a reason.

I dedicated my life to teaching you EVERYTHING you need, in order to make you the ONLY choice, stand out and leave your competitors behind:

Learn how you can use Insider Five-Star Hospitality Training Secrets to your advantage by exceeding patients expectations, consistently and effortlessly every single time!

This is what you’ll discover as part of our 1-Day Visiting Workshop:

icon1 surprised

Secret #1

Creating WOW moments

(You will leave with AT LEAST 20 Ways to WOW and make patients feel special in every TOUCHPOINT of their visit.)

(This Section alone will result in massive organic growth of your clinic!)

icon1 surprised

Secret #2

Building a loyal raving fanbase

Building a fanbase is easy, but adding the words “Loyal” and “Raving” can make or BREAK any business: We share how our average clients see an increase of 700% word of mouth growth!

icon1 surprised

Secret #3

Making strong first impressions

Step-by-Step: Make strong first impressions that last! Ramin will lay down the exact step by step process to professionally meet and greet customers the RIGHT way (Including different cultural greetings)

icon1 surprised

Secret #4

Communication hacks

How Non-verbal communication slowly but surely scares your customers away what the hospitality industry DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

icon1 surprised

Secret #5

Developing and maintaining relationships that last for a lifetime

Make customers feel like they won a new friend for life!

icon1 surprised

Secret #6

Professional small talk

How to have natural and professional conversations that don’t feel awkward.

icon1 surprised

Secret #7

How to uphold and maintain a conversation

What to Avoid and how effective communication works

icon1 surprised

Secret #8

Boost Google reviews

Increase your 5 Star Google Reviews by 74% in a matter of weeks!

icon1 surprised

Secret #9

Increase your 5 Star Google Reviews by 74% in a matter of weeks!

How you can replicate (or even duplicate) Customer Service manuals 5-star hotels use to service A-list guests.

icon1 surprised

Secret #10

Creating customer service SOPs

Why They Matter and How they can Save you Time and Mental Energy

icon1 surprised

Secret #11

Company and area knowledge

How Company And Area Knowledge communicates subtle expertise and how to use it to your advantage!

icon1 surprised

Secret #12

Injecting customer service enthusiasm to emails

Don’t leave email writing to chance, I show you how to stand out (easily) in the most popular communication medium. Your team will never have to try and be someone they are not.. by using our templates.

icon1 surprised

Secret #13

Moments of truth

Understanding moments-of-truth in a dental practice environment the same way how the best-hotels WOW you when it matters most.

But that’s not all… In order to help you and your team handle ANY situation or obstacles that may arise, …I decided to add these 3 BONUSES (VALUE £500) as part of our 1-Day Customer Service Clinic Visiting Workshop:


Welcoming in different languages

(Make Customers from all over the world feel at home)


Forbidden service phrases

(No-go’s and Forbidden phrases you are doing that destroy your reputation)


Full-rights to turn our workshop guide into your own Customer Service Manual that you can brand for your practice, and use to train future hires.

Today’s price for this Workshop is £2500

(Up to 15 delegates from the same organisation. Exclusive of travel and accommodation where applicable) (See booking from for more info)

Imagine what would happen to the success of your practice if you just took one of the 16 secrets we share with you and get your guests to refer you to 2 instead of only 1 of their friends!

What I’m going to share with you will turn your practice into the best dental practice your patients EVER visited.

Most patients already think you are good at Dentistry. They wouldn’t come to you if they didn’t.

And after years and years of doing these workshops successfully, I found that in-person workshops are the most effective way to teach my strategies specifically tailored to your practice!

And to make sure that we (together) improve your current systems and processes, I will go through any challenges you face with your team right now that may be limiting explosive Customer Service growth.

To tailor the workshop further, I also ask you questions about your team’s current performance in these areas:

Digimax Dental winning Best Customer Service Provider of the Year Europe following Ramin's Course

right icon

Patient welcome greeting

right icon

Making patients feel special

right icon

Building rapport with patients

right icon

Consistent customer service

right icon

Email manner

right icon

Telephone manner

right icon

Doing more than expected

right icon

Asking for Google Reviews consistently

That’s exactly why this Customer Service Clinic is a Visiting Workshop where I, Ramin, will be walking you through the whole process of…

Skyrocketing your referrals…
Becoming the go-to practice for miles
And making your patients rave about you and your practice…

(without you having to ask them even once!)

That way, not only are you going to be able to discover and understand the secrets and info I give you, but so is your whole team. (This will save dozens of hours of training and guidance you’d have to do yourself)

(Up to 15 delegates from the same organisation. Exclusive of travel and accommodation where applicable) (See booking from for more info)

Do you actually think that leaving your growth to chance and paid marketing is the key to organic word-of-mouth growth?

How long are you looking to continue down that path?

Let me be real with you: If you haven’t been able to break the glass-ceiling or not found that extra 1% way to reach the desired success with your dental practice and still hoping to achieve your “BIG” breakthrough with your marketing campaign…

…you are not alone.

In fact, with just a few exceptions, almost all business experts focus on increasing marketing spend to grow.

But what actually happens is that you’re only one out of many (dozens) dental practices in your city competing for the SAME patient.

Like a bidding war: The dental practice who can spend the most money to acquire a patient, wins.

That’s totally fine, until the “winning” dental practice realises how much they spent on marketing throughout the month.

All it does is put a hole in their bank account or pocket. I am not anti-marketing, I am just pro-doing-what-no-one-else-is-doing to build a practice that no other practice can catch up to.

Because let’s face it: You are working day in and day out, super hard, to make your patients feel special.

Wouldn’t it be only fair for them to rave/talk about you to their friends? That’s the least you would expect from them right?

Enough is enough, take a step back and let me show you how it’s done so you can focus on what you do best: Delivering high quality dentistry.

I have trained all kinds of team members. Excited, de-motivated, introverted, extroverted, confused, super-switched-on. My training connects with everyone, because that’s what I had to learn to be one of the most renowned trainers in the industry.

patients feel special thumb1
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Anglea Auluck

“My expectations were definitely exceeded, we got so many practical take home messages, I can’t wait to get back to work on Monday to start implementing them”

Ali Abdelbagi

“Like I said it’s totally unique, I don’t know of any course out there, at least in the UK, that focuses only on customer service. There’s people that try to sell you marketing and things like that, but this is very organic, this is very real, this is how to get people, to make people feel special!”

“My expectations were definitely exceeded, we got so many practical take home messages, I can’t wait to get back to work on Monday to start implementing them”

“Like I said it’s totally unique, I don’t know of any course out there, at least in the UK, that focuses only on customer service. There’s people that try to sell you marketing and things like that, but this is very organic, this is very real, this is how to get people, to make people feel special!”

If you’ve come this far and you’re still reading this…

You must be thinking,

“Is this Really For me and My Practice?”

Listen, I would hate it if I became just another *marketing blah blah” course with training materials that get dusty on the shelf… or saved somewhere on your desktop. (and never be opened again)

After this workshop you’ll want to refer back to it every time you’re thinking about improving your customer experience.

So, I want to make crystal clear about who this is really for…

This is FOR YOU if you run a practice that offers… cosmetic dental treatments, full mouth restorative work or dental implants

…and you know your patients have high standards and make decisions based on their experience and all the finer details.

This is also FOR YOU if you run a practice and you are really looking to excel, become the best, the crème de la crème, the unicorn of all the dental clinics in your region…

…and you’re willing to invest in training to make your team understand customer service and the best one there is!

This is FOR YOU if your practice offers a wide range of private treatments, or/and spends A LOT OF money on marketing with Little to No Returns.

This is particularly for you, if you have never had a professional customer service trainer teach your team.

…but you haven’t fully discovered the power of creating raving fans.

You slowly came to realise that the Best Growth Accelerator for your practice is building Customer Service Systems. (That are easy to implement and are reliable.)

Over-delivering on what patients expect and having the patients do the marketing FOR YOU is your Ultimate Goal, right?

You may be wondering, how do I over-deliver in a dental practice environment?

I guarantee you that there are so many small things – which are actually the BIG things that will make patients go WOW!

Your patients will talk about you in private circles, and even go online raving about you to everyone they know.

If one of these scenarios seem at all familiar to you, you’ve come to the right place.

This In-person Customer Service Clinic is the only training of its kind in Dentistry that will take your practice to new heights.

Video Testimonials


Where will the workshop be held?

Here are some tips to get the best out of a visiting workshop:

A silent open space with a table for your team to rest their workbooks is ideal.

Classroom and banquet setups work well.
Where possible, we recommend taking your team out of their usual place of work to
a nearby conference or hotel facility. The more engaged, relaxed, and focused we
can keep your team members, the better your return on investment.

Please plan for refreshments and a light lunch for your team to make their day as
comfortable as possible.

Your team may not be accustomed to sitting for extended periods; please ensure the seating you provide is comfortable.

For your speaker
A screen 42”+ or projector with HDMI connectivity is required with accessible power points for a laptop charger.

Implentation brings results

Following your workshop, your team will be buzzing with new ideas. Like with most learning experiences, fast forward a week and the memories of the day start to fade.

The most successful practices we have worked with ensure to delegate the creation of customer service processes to their team. You should set a two week internal follow up to discuss which
actions and changes have been implemented.

Customer service standards and wowing patients should be an area that is reviewed quarterly, if not monthly. Exceptional customer service is the lowest cost way to grow your practice!

Do you have a brochure?

Will you visit my practice?

We cover the entire UK and will visit your practice or meeting space.

We also offer a Zoom option.

And if you’ve read until the bottom of this page, you’ve come to realise:

“Phenomenal customer service is the lowest cost way to grow a happy business.“

And if you then have an expert who can hand you a guidance tailored to YOUR CLINIC on a silver tablet…

The potential is endless.

I want to help YOU make that happen.

But I can only do so much for you. You need to be willing to change.

If that’s you, Congratulations, you are on the right path. Investing in yourself and your business is the smartest decision you can ever make.

See you on the other side


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