Learn insider customer service skills from the hospitality industry

Have you ever wondered how leading five-star hotels are so good at building customer loyalty? Customer service clinic is a brand new one day workshop that will teach you insider training secrets from the 5-star hotel industry.

Develop and import customer service skills directly into any business, taught by ex concierge to VIP’s & Celebrities.



“Ramin was incredible and the training was extremely relevant to our practice. He was very engaging and brought a lot of situations to life based on our routines, by eliciting examples from the team. The staff was completely engaged all…

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Dr Joney De Souza Dr Joney De Souza Clinic

"What I liked is was the number of presenters that we had. We had at least five people and there are only 15 delegates and so that was really useful, you don't normally get that in a course."

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Dr Jaswinder Gill Moonlight Dental Surgery

"The game-changer is definitely the use of videos in social media because it's just so captivating."

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Anil Shrestha ICED Specialist Dental Practice

"Of course, I'd recommend it. Absolutely fantastic! Really engaging, great venue, great team."

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Barry Oulton The Confident Dentist

"Rather than having to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on expensive videos, we could do a few, you know, in-house ourselves and we could still get a great result."

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Kev Patel Bond Dental

"There's a good mix of theories, but also the practical experience because we've all been on courses where you learn the theory, go back home, think you're gonna implement it, but you don't. It's a must because this is the…

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Harry Singh Botulinum Toxin Club

"I have a long list of takeaways but I would say my top one is to really vary what we're posting and it's all about the power of nine."

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Angela Auluck Dental Rooms

"It's now taking the plunge and being able to post and engage with our clients on a different level."

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Dr Shushil Dattani Kent Smile Studio

"So initially I really thought that I needed to pay somebody to be able to edit my videos, but after today you guys really broke it down."

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Sita Madaan Smiles & Skin